Kids Unit

Kids Unit


What is Kids Unit?

The kids unit is a special dental chair unit for children. As a professional DENTAL kids unit factory, Ziann focuses on the comfort of the child-patients during the manufacturing process of the kids unit. A good kids unit not only can provide dentist with good surgery view but also comfort the child-patients.

Ziann is a worldwide DENTAL kids unit supplier and the core production base for universal dental units in the world. All kids units are certificated with ISO 13485 quality management system certification and the certification CE0123 certified by German TUV.

Kids Unit Factory

Ziann also is a professional DENTAL kids unit factory. Adhere to taking social responsibility, Ziann sticks to manufacturing the best kids' unit which fits the children's physical conditions to let children have a good experience in the dental clinics. As a specialized ORAL kids unit factory & DENTAL kids unit supplier, Ziann seeks a balanced development of economic profit, ecological environment, and social value. Also, driven by the spirit of "dare to innovate and steadfastly seek progress", Ziann introduces advanced automated production equipment, strengthens production management, and strictly controls quality.

Why Choose Ziann’s Kids Unit?

As a professional kids unit supplier, Ziann also pay attention to the development of the dental chair for children. Thus, with the strong knowledge and rich manufacturing experience, Ziann launches an advanced kids unit. Here are the main features:

●German Precision Assembly

The foundation of the kids unit lies in German engineering excellence. Leveraging the renowned KUKA machine for manual automatic assembly, the kids unit boasts unparalleled accuracy, reaching up to +0.08mm. This precision ensures a seamless and reliable dental experience for children, setting a new standard in dental chair design.

●Optimized Size for Comfort

Understanding the diverse range of pediatric patients, the kids unit offers an adjustable height feature, accommodating the smallest tots to older children. With a range from the highest position exceeding 720mm to the lowest at less than 450mm, the chair adapts to the unique requirements of each young patient, promoting both safety and comfort.

●Efficient Backrest Movement

Time is of the essence in pediatric dentistry. The kids unit stands out with its remarkable speed, as the backrest swiftly reaches the working position in just 9 seconds. This quick adjustment minimizes waiting time for young patients, contributing to a more efficient and stress-free dental visit.

●Narrow Type Backrest Design

Prioritizing patient comfort, the kids unit incorporates a narrow-type backrest filled with slow rebound memory sponge. The moderate thickness of the sponge provides a snug and comforting experience, ensuring that children feel relaxed and secure during their dental procedures.

●Premium Leather Cushion

The backrest of the kids unit is adorned with a leather cushion tightly woven with natural protein. This whole leather pad offers a luxurious and comfortable hand feel, effectively reducing friction between the patient's back and the seat. This feature not only enhances comfort but also adds a touch of sophistication to the pediatric dental experience.

●State-of-the-Art LED Operating Light

Illuminating the path to precise dental procedures, the kids unit is equipped with a Philips LED light source. The adjustable brightness ranging from less than 8,000 to over 30,000, coupled with infrared sensor or touch switch controls, allows for stepless dimming. The manual and sensor integration enables flexible and agile movement, ensuring easy and precise positioning of the light for optimal visibility during procedures.

●Four-Hands Operation Assistant Tray

Recognizing the importance of efficiency in pediatric dentistry, the kids unit features a multi-functional control panel. This panel facilitates the assistant in utilizing common functions of the dental chair, streamlining the workflow and assisting dentists to enhance overall work efficiency. This innovation caters to the unique challenges of pediatric dental procedures, ensuring a smooth and coordinated operation.