Digital Disinfection Unit

Digital Disinfection Unit


What is Dental Digital Disinfection Unit?

Different from the normal dental chair, the dental digital disinfection unit has special a automatic cycle of disinfection to ensure total protection against the transmission of micro-organisms in the dental unit. The digital desinfection unit adopts a fourth-generation compensation chair frame design. Then, it has the solenoid valve 45-degree rotation cabinet with cast aluminum frame imported water pipe. The digital desinfection unit also is equipped with a comfortable neck and waist pillow, which is combined with strong support for the patient's curve position so that the spine is more comfortable.

What are the Features of the Digital Desinfection Unit?

The dental industry is continually evolving with advancements in technology that aim to enhance patient comfort, streamline procedures, and improve overall efficiency. As a professional CHAIR digital desinfection unit supplier, Ziann newly launches the latest digital desinfection unit. Here are the main features of the digital desinfection unit:

●Precision and Efficiency

One significant innovation in modern dental chairs is the integration of fourth-generation compensation chair design, featuring state-of-the-art components .

The incorporation of German KUKA machine manual automatic assembly in the fourth-generation compensation chair design ensures unparalleled precision during the manufacturing process. With an impressive accuracy of up to +0.08mm, dental professionals can rely on the consistency and reliability of these chairs. The swift 9-second transition of the backrest to the working position optimizes chair efficiency, allowing practitioners to seamlessly attend to patients with minimal disruption.

●Patient Comfort and Support

The ergonomic design of the oral digital disinfection unit is centered around patient comfort. Equipped with a comfortable neck and waist pillow, the chair provides robust support tailored to the patient's body, promoting a comfortable spine position. This design not only enhances the overall patient experience but also contributes to improved blood circulation, minimizing fatigue during extended periods of reclined positioning.

●Advanced LED Operating Lights

Integrating Philips LED light sources in the dental chair's operating lights offers a versatile lighting solution. With adjustable illumination ranging from <8,000 to >30,000, dentists can customize the lighting conditions according to their specific requirements. The addition of infrared sensor switches or touch switches enables stepless dimming, while the manual and sensor integration facilitates flexible and precise positioning of the lighting angle.

●Instrument Tray Innovation

The instrument tray has undergone a significant upgrade, featuring a cast aluminum design that not only ensures high hardness but also prevents rusting. The LCD control panel and increased button functionality provide dentists with more direct control over various functions, transforming the dental chair into a digital hub. The larger size of the instrument tray accommodates more tools, and the hose rail design allows for convenient extension, further enhancing the chair's utility.

●Enhanced Junction Box

The enclosed power design adhering to European safety standards ensures the junction box's stability and durability. Moisture-proof, dustproof, and equipped to prevent electromagnetic interference, the junction box includes a main switch for water, electric, and air control, along with a top-mounted barometer for convenient monitoring of the entire system's status.

●Multifunctional Foot Pedal

The incorporation of a multifunctional foot pedal adds an extra layer of convenience for dental practitioners. With self-locking capabilities, the pedal controls various chair functions, including rise and descent, backrest adjustment, flushing, blowing, water supply, operating lamp activation, and handpiece control.