Ziann is a dental unit supplier, offering a range of dental chair and dental unit constructed with precise dental chair unit parts. Because the dental chair and dental unit are mostly used in dental clinics, dental hospitals, and other medical places, Ziann adhere to focus on the design and quality of the dental chair and dental unit. As a professional dental unit factory in china, Ziann mainly provides three types of surgical dental chairs including the hospital dental unit, dental implant unit, dental digital disinfection unit, and kids unit.

Hospital Dental Unit

The hospital dental unit is the standard model in the dental equipment. It is consists of leather cushion, detachable and movable spittoon, adjustable headrest, metal backrest, led operating light, portable trolley instrument tray, four hands operation assistant tray, etc.

Implant Unit

As an implant unit supplier, Ziann specially design the dental implant unit for implant surgery. It offers a wide four-hand operation space, so it is convenient for dentists and nurses to work. It also is equipped with a professional implant dental lamp, so it could let the dentist have sufficient light to operate.

Dental Digital Disinfection Unit

Ziann's dental digital disinfection unit is the fourth-generation compensation chair frame design. The dental digital disinfection unit fits the ergonomic design and offers the compensation effect which can make the whole body's blood circulation smooth and improve the comfort of patients after lying down for a long time.

DENTAL Kids Unit Factory

Ziann also is regarded as a reliable and worthy-to trust DENTAL kids unit factory. Different from the normal bed dental united, the kids unit is specially designed for the kids. The kids unit is equipped with a comfortable neck and waist pillow, which is combined with strong support for the patient's curve position, so that the spine is more comfortable.