Digital Disinfection Unit

Digital Disinfection Unit


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-The fourth generation compensation chair frame design

-Ergonomic design ,compensation effect can make the whole body blood circulation smooth ,improve the comfort of patients after lying down for a long time .

-Safety emergency stop switch high quality motor ,solenoid valve 45degree rotation cabinet with cast aluminum frame imported water pipe



Fifth generation balanced sliding compensation chair frame design


-German KUKA machine manual automatic assembly (accuracy up to +0.08mm)

-The highest > 720mm, and the <450mm.

-It only takes 9 seconds for the backrest to reach the working position

-ziann dental chari  is equipped with comfortable neck and waist pillow, which is combined with strong support for the patient's curve position, so that the spine is more comfortable.

-The design of the compensation chair makes the patient's whole body blood circulation flow more smoothly, lying down for a long time is not tired, relaxed and comfortable.


NAPA  enviroment leather cushion


Chair Digital Disinfection UnitChair Digital Disinfection Unit


-Thickness 1.2mm

-Good rebound resilience

-Wear-resistant,breathable an aging resistant

-Ergonomics design



Chair Digital Disinfection Unit

Movable side box :


-100% pure ASA material  Adopt injection molding process, It can be sealed, dust-proof, pollution-proof, easy to clean and keep clean 45 degree movable side box , opposite door is designed for easy maintenance



Detachable and Movable Spittoon:


-90 degree rotary glass ( ceramic opitonal ) spittoon

-Easy for cleaning

-deepenning the design to avoid splashing

Chair Digital Disinfection Unit



Chair Digital Disinfection Unit

Narrow type back of a chair:


-Backrest filled with slow rebound memory sponge, thickness Moderate, lying on your back with the comfort of being wrapped, Give patients a relaxed and safe experience.

-The leather cushion on the back is tightly woven with natural protein It's woven. It's a whole leather pad.

-Special Comfortable hand feel, can effectively reduce the patient's back Friction with the seat.



Adjustable Comfort Headrest:


-The adjustable curved headrest is more comfortable than the traditional flat headrest, it’s prevents the head from shaking and can be adjusted from multiple angles.

Chair Digital Disinfection Unit




LED Operating Light


-Philips LED light source, adjustable from <8,000 to >30,000, infrared sensor switch or touch switch to control stepless dimming. It’s with manual and sensor integration, flexible  and agile movement, and easy to locate the required angle of lighting.



Instrument Tray:


-Cast aluminum tool tray 

-More buttons on the control panel, more functions for direct use.LCD control panel, upgraded to digital dental chair, so that doctors more intuitive control.

-Large size instrument tray

-Accommodate more instruments and tools

-Suitable extension length hose rail design

-Overall cast aluminum, no rust, high hardness

digital desinfection unit



digital desinfection unit

Four hands operation assistant tray:


-With multi-functional control panel, it is convenient for assistant to use the common functions of dental chair and assist dentists to improve work efficiency.



Cast aluminum light arm:


-Cast aluminum lamp holder, high flexibility, long service life (after 100,000 fatigue tests).

digital desinfection unit



digital desinfection unit

Aluminum Cabinet:


-High strength integral molding, integral casting aluminum, no rust, high hardness, durable, not easy to deformation.

-The chair frame is made of 4mm metal cutting by the laser machine. It’s with precise dimensions which is the highest standard in the dental unit industry.



Junction Box


-Enclosed power design, according to European safety standards, moisture-proof, dustproof and prevent electromagnetic interference. It’s improve the stability and durability of the prower.
-With main switch of water, electric and air, the barometer is on the top of the junction box which is convenient for observing the water and air status of the whole machine.

digital desinfection unit



digital desinfection unit

Multifunctional Foot Pedal:


-The pedals have self-lock function and equipped with control of rise and down, backrest forward and backward, blowing, flushing and water supply, operating lamp on/off and handpiece control.



New luxry Dentist Stool E


-Dental stool E with 360°mute universal wheel which is flexible to move, cushion lifting, backrest pitching. It’s provides the dentist with good support for the haunch and waist.

digital desinfection unit



digital desinfection unit

Foot Pad


-The Foot pad design that the patients do not need to take off their shoes for treatment, which is convenient for cleaning.



Ziann One button disinfection system


-Press the disinfection button, the disinfection panel can display the current disinfection state.

-The panel can display the disinfection and cleaning progress of each position, the total time and the remaining time are accurate to the second, so you know everything about disinfection.

-The whole disinfection state is controlled by intelligent computer. After disinfection, water, gas and electricity will be cut off automatically.

digital desinfection unit




ZIANN Digital integrated system LCD


-Control system with self-checking system

-Compatible with six user programs, a total of 12 memory locations.

-【P】 Electric motor switch key ,1:1、1:5、16:1 Three kinds of patterns

-【M】Switch memory mode and speed, long press memory current memory and speed.

-Reverse key switch Electric motor reverse.

-Switch the disinfection button to the disinfection interface, full intelligent control.

Technical Parameters:


Power Voltage


Motor Voltage


Air Pressure


Water Pressure




Rated input voltage

AC 24V±10%

Maximum power


Light Source

 4 white light-emitting diodes (LED)

Color Temperature

5,000K - 5,700K


Adjustable from <8,000 to >30,000



24V dc motor chair


Down mounted instrument tray with Stainless steel pallet


3-way syinge(tray) hot water


3-way syingl(asistant) cold water


Main contol system with 9 memories


Assistant operating control system


Water heater system


Strong suction tube


Weak suction tube


Movable LED film viwer


Water purification system


Air brake instument tray


emergency stop switch


Auto spittoon flush and cup filter control system


Detachable movable ceramic spittoon


Chair with itself lock function


Multi-funcitonal foot controller


Keypress function for spliting


junction box with main switch( water ,power, air)


LED operating light


Luxury dentist stool E


Glass plate


Movable cabinet :


The 3rd generation chair frame with improved compensation function


Luxury miro-fiber environment leather


Cast aluminum cabinet frame


Water one-way valve ( anti-backflow function)


Standard disinfection system


Ziann Digital integrated system