Dental handpiece disinfection steps

Dental handpiece disinfection steps

Dental handpiece disinfection steps


Dental handpiece cleaning and disinfection? In addition to the saliva and blood of some patients, the surface of the used handpiece may also be stained with adhesives or dental filling materials. These residual substances should be removed first. Global medical equipment network tells you the correct steps for cleaning and disinfecting dental handpieces!


1. Step on the foot in time to flush the handpiece for 30 seconds after use;


2. Remove the contaminated hanpiece and wipe the visible stains on the surface of the handpiece with a wet cotton ball;


3. Put the handpiece in a recycling container for transfer;


4. Wash the phone under running water to remove surface contaminants;


5. After washing, soak in enzyme cleaner (1:270) for 2-5 minutes and then scrub, or put it in an ultrasonic cleaner and add enzyme solution for 3-5 minutes;


6. Rinse/brush the handpiece under running water, and use a high-pressure water gun or syringe to rinse the tube cavity;


7. Rinse with distilled water and repeat step 6;


8. Use a water gun or syringe to dry the water on the surface of the pipe and wind wheel bearing;


9. Inject 75% ethanol to dry, and disinfect the inner and outer surfaces of the phone with 75% ethanol;


10. When manual oil injection is used, spray-type cleaning lubricants should be used. After oil injection, the appearance of the instrument should be wiped off in time, and the lumen should be dried by mechanical drying and air pressure guns, and should not be dried naturally;


11. Use visual inspection or a magnifying glass with a light source to check the cleanliness and performance of the dried mobile phone;


12. Use paper-plastic single packaging, and seal it with a medical heat sealer;


13. The pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer is preferred for sterilization. It cannot be stacked when loading. The sealed handpiece should be placed in the tray one by one. There should be a certain gap between each mobile phone, and the paper side should be up, which is conducive to steam penetration. And dry;


14. Strictly control the sterilization temperature, pressure and time. Temperature> 135 degrees or sterilization time longer than the specified time can damage the airtight rubber ring and the ball sleeve of the bearing and other parts.


PS: If a fast cassette pressure steam sterilizer is used for sterilization, it can be sterilized without packaging and exposed.


The above is the disinfection steps of dental handpieces. In addition to manual cleaning, there are three methods of automatic cleaning machine cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning.