After-sales service

After-sales service

After-sales service


1. The strong and weak suction will not work, and the weak suction will become weak after a period of use.


1. The pipeline connection is wrong


2. The pipeline is blocked by dirt


3. The sensitivity of the micro switch is not high, the shrapnel is crushed or the hole position of the rack box is not correct


4. The weak suction cup is clogged


5. The weak suction assembly is blocked by dirt


6. Poor water source quality causes pipeline blockage


Remedy: Replace the parts that cannot be repaired, check and repair the circuit, clean the weak suction main valve. It is recommended that the user clean the dirt collection cup regularly (once every two weeks), blow it with a three-purpose gun and reinstall it as it is, and keep the tube unobstructed.


2. Dysfunction of treatment machine setting


1. The main control line and the motor line are connected incorrectly


2. The sticker or the controller is damaged


3. The automatic reverse upper switch is broken or welding error


4. The foot control switch is broken. Remedy: Check and connect the line, and change the sticker.


3. Reverse ascending function without emergency stop


1. The emergency stop switch is broken


2. The welding position of the emergency stop switch is wrong


3. The switch stroke is not well adjusted


4. The position of the welding wire on the nine-core converter is wrong


Fourth, the cold light does not turn on or other problems occur


1. The bulb burns out


2. Poor contact with the plug and loose connection


3. The public line does not penetrate the controlled relay


4. The internal wires of the movable connection are twisted off


5. The reflective film of the cold light lamp falls off


Remedy: Change the bulb of the same model, turn off the power, check and connect the mating plug. It is recommended that the cold-light lamp should be maintained at room temperature and wiped with a soft cloth. The reverse side of the lamp cannot be wiped, and the reflector should be replaced.


5. The hot water cup cannot be heated or the water temperature is too high


1. Abnormal power supply or wiring


2. The public line of the temperature control line of the hot water cup is connected incorrectly


3. The heating rod of the thermostat or hot water cup is broken


4. The control mask is broken


5. The hot water cup relay controlled by the treatment board does not work


6. The temperature sensor is out of control or the control is not sensitive


Remedy: check and repair the wiring, change the hot water cup, mask, relay, and temperature sensor


Sixth, the scaler does not work properly


1. Check the power supply of the scaler


2. Check the power supply of the relay (pedal) coil


3. Check whether the relay has a voltage output when it is closed or disconnected


4. If the cleaning head is not tightened, or it is shaken loose due to long-term use, you should use the equipped wrench to clean the tooth head tightly after shutting down


5. Check whether the power adjustment potentiometer is too small, if it is too small, adjust it clockwise too


6. If there is a loose twist, tighten it


7. If the solenoid valve of the scaler is broken, replace the solenoid valve


Seven, the light of the curing light does not light up


1. Use a multimeter to measure whether the lamp is burned out, and replace it if it burns out


2. Check whether the light-curing lamp pin is oxidized, if oxidized, use a blade to remove the oxide


3. Measure whether the power supply of the light curing lamp is normal, and whether the voltage output by the main board meets the requirements


4. Check whether the fuse is burned out


8. Water vapor problems during the operation of the mobile phone


1. Pipeline issues


2. Check whether the air pressure gauge of the air filter pressure reducing valve shows that the prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" six kilograms


3. Check whether the water filter air is blocked by dirt, and clean the filter if there is any


4. Check whether the water source at the bottom of the side box is connected reversely


5. Check whether the foot switch is in poor contact


Nine, the pipeline problem


1. The equipment has been used for a long time, friction or squeezing will cause the water pipe or mobile phone tube to burst, disconnect, and harden (Note: mobile phone cleaning agent will harden the outer tube of the mobile phone).


2. If the pipeline is blocked by dirt, it should be cleaned regularly


3. If the water is not smooth, check whether the drain pipe is twisted or collapsed


4. Pipeline leaks and leaks, check the leaks and replace the leaks


5. If the pipe connection is not tight or loose, it should be reconnected firmly


10. Solenoid valve problem


1. The solenoid valve is aging and leaking due to long time use


2. Reverse connection of inlet and outlet faucets


3. The connection of the solenoid valve is not firm, resulting in water leakage and air leakage


4. Quality problem of solenoid valve


5. Poor quality of water source leads to blockage of solenoid valve


11. Circuit board problems


1. Short circuit of the circuit board: ⑴Wrong plug-in connection ⑵Residue from long-term discharge in the wet part of the circuit board causes a short circuit caused by the loosening of the screw of the terminal block


2. Insufficient insertion, looseness or oxidation causes the circuit to fail to work normally


12. Water bottle problem:


1. The pressure in the bottle was too high and burst due to the failure of the 2kg pressure reducing valve


2. Add non-distilled water to the bottle


3. The waterway is blocked and the water is not smooth


4. Quality problems lead to poor pressure resistance of the water storage bottle


13. The problem of switching between water storage bottle and tap water


When you are ready to use the water in the water storage bottle, check whether the water source switch is turned on and the main gas switch is turned on. Care and maintenance of the treatment machine


1. Maintenance of high-speed handpiece

1. Cleaning The high-speed mobile phone will have debris remaining inside during work, which will affect the speed. Use mobile phone cleaning agent to clean it after work.


2. Lubrication The speed of the handpiece at work reaches 400,000---100