How ZA-208B Dental Implant Unit Enhances Clinical Efficiency?

How ZA-208B Dental Implant Unit Enhances Clinical Efficiency?

17 Jun, 2024

Efficiency is a critical factor in any dental practice, and the ZA-208B Dental Implant Unit is designed to optimize clinical workflows.


Features of ZIANN ZA-208B Dental Unit


Third-generation compensation chair design

-German KUKA machine manual automatic assembly (accuracy up to +0.08mm)

-The highest > 720mm, and the <450mm.

-It only takes 9 seconds for the backrest to reach the working position


Ziann 3rd generation integral chair frame with greatly improved  compensation function, Beneficial to human blood circulation

-The ZIANN dental chair is equipped with a comfortable neck and waist pillow, which is combined with strong support for the patient's curved position so that the spine is more comfortable.

-The design of the compensation chair makes the patient's whole body blood circulation flow more smoothly, lying down for a long time is not tiring, relaxed, and comfortable.


NAPA environment leather cushion

-Thickness 1.2mm

-Good rebound resilience

-Wear-resistant, breathable aging resistant

-Ergonomics design


Detachable and Movable Spittoon

-90 degree rotary glass ( ceramic optional ) spittoon

-Easy for cleaning

-deepening the design to avoid splashing


Narrow type back of a chair

-Backrest filled with slow rebound memory sponge, thickness Moderate, lying on your back with the comfort of being wrapped, Giving patients a relaxed and safe experience.

-The leather cushion on the back is tightly woven with natural protein It's woven. It's a whole leather pad.

-Special Comfortable hand feel, can effectively reduce the patient's back Friction with the seat.


Adjustable Comfort Headrest

-The adjustable curved headrest is more comfortable than the traditional flat headrest, it prevents the head from shaking and can be adjusted from multiple angles.


Metal backrest

-The backrest inside is made of 4mm steel which is solid and stable. The outer layer adopts an electrostatic spray paint process with strong adhesion.


LED Operating Light

-ZA-B12 Professional implant lamp, Philips led source, no flicker, better lighting effect, less shadow, more uniform light area. 12-hole brand lamp beads, high brightness, long service life of the lamp beads with manual induction adjustment.


Optional with camera function

-Sony camera sensor,

-full HD 1080P,

-autofocus, focus range 450mm~1000mm,

-up to 30x optical zoom

-With video recording, instant snapshot playback function

-Edit a recorded film


Portable trolley instrument tray

-Can adjust the height up and down, with your operating habits

-The trolley instrument tray has 9 memory positions, and 6 handpiece holders, with central suction and independent handpiece water regulating valve. The instrument tray is made of stainless steel and the surface can be deeply disinfected. It can place the equipment needed for treatment. Instrument tray size: 580*370mm.


Four hands operation assistant tray

-With a multi-functional control panel, it is convenient for assistants to use the common functions of dental chairs and assist dentists in improving work efficiency.


Cast aluminum light arm

-Cast aluminum lamp holder, high flexibility, long service life (after 100,000 fatigue tests).


Aluminum Cabinet

-High strength integral molding, integral casting aluminum, no rust, high hardness, durable, not easy to deformation.


Rotatable Armrest

-The armrest can be rotated horizontally which is convenient for patients to lie up and down the chair.


3rd generation integral Chair Frame

-The chair frame is made of 4mm metal cut by the laser machine. It’s with precise dimensions which is the highest standard in the dental unit industry.


Junction Box

-Enclosed power design, according to European safety standards, is moisture-proof, dustproof, and prevents electromagnetic interference. It improves the stability and durability of the power.

-With the main switch of water, electricity, and air, the barometer is on the top of the junction box which is convenient for observing the water and air status of the whole machine.


Multifunctional Foot Pedal

-The pedals have a self-lock function and are equipped with control of the rise and down, backrest forward and backward, blowing, flushing, and water supply, operating lamp on/off, and handpiece control.


Dentist Stool E

-Dental stool E with 360°mute universal wheel which is flexible to move, cushion lifting, and backrest pitching. It provides the dentist with good support for the haunch and waist.


Foot Pad

-The Footpad is designed so that the patients do not need to take off their shoes for treatment, which is convenient for cleaning.


Central suction system

-In the treatment, provide a suction power source, with water separation and automatic drainage function, the suction force is moderate, protecting patients' oral cavity.




ziann Implant unit



How ZIANN ZA-208B Enhances Efficiency in Dental Procedures?


Streamlined Workflow

The ZA-208B is engineered to streamline the dental implant process. Its high-speed motor and precise control settings allow for quicker and more accurate procedures, reducing the time patients spend in the chair and increasing the number of patients that can be treated in a day.


Quick Setup and Maintenance

Time spent on setup and maintenance is minimized with the ZA-208B. The unit's design allows for quick assembly and disassembly, and its components are easy to clean and sterilize. This efficiency in setup and maintenance translates to more time available for patient care. The detachable and movable spittoon, for instance, is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Reduced Procedure Time

The powerful motor and versatile handpiece compatibility of the ZA-208B contribute to reduced procedure times. Dental professionals can perform implant procedures more swiftly without compromising on quality, leading to higher patient throughput and satisfaction. The chair's quick backrest adjustment, which takes only nine seconds to reach the working position, also aids in reducing downtime between patients.


Improved Patient Comfort

Patient comfort is a crucial aspect of clinical efficiency. The ZA-208B operates quietly and smoothly, reducing patient anxiety and discomfort. This improved patient experience can lead to better cooperation during procedures and more positive reviews for the practice. The ergonomic design, including a comfortable neck and waist pillow, ensures that patients remain comfortable even during lengthy procedures.


Enhanced Precision and Accuracy

Precision and accuracy are vital for successful dental implants, and the ZA-208B excels in these areas. The unit's advanced features ensure that implants are placed accurately, reducing the likelihood of errors and the need for follow-up corrections. The professional implant dental lamp provides excellent illumination, further aiding in precision.


Versatile and Functional Design

The ZA-208B's design includes several features that enhance its functionality and versatility. The portable trolley instrument tray with nine memory positions and the multifunctional foot controller allows for easy adjustments and control during procedures. The rotatable armrest and adjustable headrest provide additional comfort and convenience for both patients and practitioners.

In summary, the ZA-208B Dental Implant Unit significantly enhances clinical efficiency through its streamlined workflow, quick setup, reduced procedure times, improved patient comfort, and enhanced precision. These benefits make it an invaluable tool for any dental practice.

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