Advanced Features of the ZA-208B Dental Implant Unit

Advanced Features of the ZA-208B Dental Implant Unit

17 Jun, 2024

ZA-208B is specialized and designed for implant surgery, The four-hand operation space is large and convenient for dentists and nurses to work, a professional implant dental lamp is more conducive to surgery,  trolley instrument tray can be lifted, to meet all the needs of the dentist.

Technical Parameters


Power Voltage 220V-50HZ/60HZ
Motor Voltage 24V
Air Pressure 0.5MPa-0.8MPa
Water Pressure 0.2MPa-0.4MPa




Rated input voltage AC 24V±10%
Maximum power 25VA
Light Source 4 white light-emitting diodes (LED)
Color Temperature 5,000K - 5,700K
Illuminance Adjustable from <8,000 to >30,000


Here we list advanced features that make the ZA-208B a standout choice for dental professionals.


High-Performance Motor


One of the key features of the ZA-208B is its high-performance 24V noiseless DC motor. This motor ensures smooth and precise operation, which is crucial for successful dental implant procedures. The motor's reliability reduces the risk of complications and enhances patient outcomes.


User-Friendly Interface


The ZA-208B comes equipped with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. This interface allows dental professionals to easily adjust settings and monitor the unit's performance. The clear display and straightforward controls minimize the learning curve, enabling practitioners to focus more on patient care.


Versatile Handpiece Compatibility


Compatibility with a wide range of handpieces is another significant advantage of the ZA-208B. This versatility allows dental professionals to use their preferred tools, enhancing the unit's adaptability to various procedures and techniques. The unit includes high-speed and low-speed handpiece tubes, catering to different procedural needs.


Enhanced Safety Features


Safety is paramount in dental procedures, and the ZA-208B does not disappoint. The unit includes multiple safety features, such as automatic shut-off mechanisms and overheat protection, ensuring both patient and practitioner safety during use. Additionally, the unit features an urgency safety switch and a protective mat for the instrument tray.


Compact and Ergonomic Design


The ZA-208B's compact and ergonomic design makes it a practical addition to any dental practice. Its small footprint saves valuable space, while the ergonomic layout ensures comfortable use for extended periods. The chair's design includes a comfortable neck and waist pillow, promoting better blood circulation and reducing fatigue during long procedures.


Advanced Lighting and Visualization


The ZA-208B is equipped with a professional implant dental lamp, featuring Philips LED sources that provide flicker-free, uniform lighting with minimal shadowing. This advanced lighting system enhances visibility and precision during procedures. An optional camera function with a Sony sensor offers full HD 1080P video recording, auto-focus, and up to 30x optical zoom, further aiding in detailed visualization.


Adjustable and Functional Components


The unit features a 90-degree rotating glass spittoon for easy cleaning and a portable trolley instrument tray with adjustable height. The tray includes nine memory positions and can hold up to six handpieces, making it highly functional and adaptable to the dentist's needs. The ZA-208B also includes a multifunctional foot controller and a rotatable armrest for added convenience.

In conclusion, the ZA-208B Dental Implant Unit offers a range of advanced features that enhance its performance, usability, and safety. These attributes make it an excellent choice for dental professionals seeking a reliable and efficient implant unit.

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